Executive Director

James R. “Rick” Walker, Ph.D.
Houston Police Department (Retired)


George W. Anderson, Assistant Chief (Retired)
New York Police Department

Michael A. Ault, Deputy Chief (Retired)
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Ronald E. Benson, Supervisor
Federal Bureau of Investigation

John Blackburn, Police Chief (Retired)
Dallas ISD Police Department

Judge Hal Campbell, Ph.D. (Retired)
Professor Emeritus – CalState University

Charles (Sid) Heal, Commander (Retired)
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Professor Marian Leerburger, Ph.D.
U.S. Dept of Defense

Ian Moffett, Police Chief
Miami-Dade Schools Police Department

Past Commissioners

Jim Smith, Deputy Police Chief
Cottonwood Police Department

Richard P. Iyoub Sr., JD, Commissioner Emeritus
Attorney General- State of Louisiana (1992-2004)

Dr. Walter F. Stenning, Commissioner Emeritus
Texas A&M University

Chief Bruce Marquis, Commissioner Emeritus
Norfolk Police Department (Retired)

Judge Rose Gordon, Commissioner Emeritus
Municipal Court Judge – Dothan, Alabama