File Upload Instructions

File Upload Instructions

These instructions were designed to assist in the uploading of your “proofs” of accreditation compliance as a file to our website.

All of the file uploads can be found on our website under the ACCREDITATION function, just click on the tab and when that opens up you will see two files, one titled “Standards” is just background information regarding accreditation in general and the other file titled “Forms” is the tab you will want to click on when you are ready to start uploading your files.

It is very important that when you upload a file that you follow the proper naming conventions where we can track your files easily at ACLJE as you upload them. Using the first standard 1.01 as an example, when uploading the file regarding the states certification of authority you would name and save the file in this manner (using Miami-Dade as an example): MDCPD 1.01.1. Once you are ready to attach the file for the organization chart the next file should be saved as MDCPD 1.01.2, and lastly for the entire organizations org chart you would save the file as MDCPD 1.01.3. In essence the only thing that changes is if each standard has more than one “proof” needed you would continue to name the files 1, 2, 3, etc. as you save the files before uploading to our website. Again, this is a very important step in the submissions process, if there are any questions regarding this file saving and upload method please feel free to give me a call at 832-876-1954.

I would suggest using either a hard copy or the online version of our standards (which you should already have, if not email me and I will send you a copy) to help track what you have and have not uploaded on the ACLJE website. You will note that there is a check box beside each of the files you will need to upload making this easy to do, just check the box if you have sent the file and save it as you go, that’s all you need to do. This simply makes it easier for you to track what has and has not been uploaded to the website, the website does not have the ability to track what you have previously uploaded at this time.

Again, if there are any questions feel free to call me at 832-876-1954. The Commissioners and I look forward to working with you in your accreditation efforts!


Dr. James R. “Rick” Walker
Executive Director, ACLJE