The Justice Academy is an affiliate of the Accrediting Commission for Law and Justice Education tasked with the mission of providing the professions with a wide range of educational support and services. The Justice Academy serves as an NGO with the charter of providing a clearinghouse and portal for instructional programs and specialized training materials that are produced by law enforcement agencies from throughout the nation. The Academy makes these educational assets available to the general law enforcement community, at no charge. The intention of this service is to support professional development, personal advancement, and departmental competency of the law and justice community, as well as to serve as a mechanism for the proliferation of exemplary training resources nationwide.
The cost-prohibitive nature of producing quality educational materials (in-house) by smaller law enforcement agencies precludes these agencies from becoming self-reliant with regard to specialized training. Likewise, smaller departments often find it impractical to send officers to training because of the challenges associated with staffing behind those members who are absent from their duties to attend onsite training. This situation renders it essential that our profession seek alternatives that can make training resources and assets more widely available to the law enforcement community. It is principally because of this situation that the Justice Academy was created to bolster the level of professionalism within the law and justice arena and to serve as a clearinghouse where police, prosecutors, and the judiciary can share training materials they produce and make these resources available to the national law enforcement community.

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